About Us


    Introducing the new AAF Hawaii logo. Why the change? The AAF Hawaii Board of Directors wanted to modernize the brand and make it more relevant to who we are as an organization and where we’re headed.

    The new logo, designed by Jennifer Tanabe and Malia Wisch, of Wall-to-Wall Studios in collaboration with the AAF Hawaii Board of Directors, is inspired by the leaves of the hala tree, which for centuries has been highly prized by Hawaiians for their medicinal, aesthetic and utilitarian qualities. Lauhala leaves are long and thin and are woven together to create mats, baskets, hats and bags. Just as lauhala leaves are plaited together to create items of beauty, strength and resource, the members of AAF Hawaii are coming together to form an organization that strengthens and unites our industry.

    The new mark is part of a brand system that is designed to be flexible for different applications. The updated brand color palette is also dynamic and bright, to represent the vibrancy and diversity of our members.


    Mission Statement

    AAF Hawaii is the unifying voice for advertising. Our mission is to promote the business of advertising and communications through professional education, recognition of excellence, government relations, self-regulation and public service. Most importantly, AAF Hawaii provides an arena by which all members of the advertising community can work together for the common goal of creating a stronger industry.