Members and Friends,

    As I prepare to step down as President of AAF Hawaii, I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to each and every one of you for your support and involvement in our organization and our advertising community as a whole.

    I joined the board of AAF Hawaii eight years ago because I believed that this organization could play an instrumental role in helping our industry come together in the interest of fostering a sense of community and the collective integrity and excellence of professionals and students for years to come. Over the past several years, I’ve witnessed AAF Hawaii go through an incredible rebirth and I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished. From giving away thousands of dollars of scholarships to becoming an award-winning AAF organization on a national level, the milestones we’ve achieved are amazing indeed.

    I am deeply indebted to our Board of Directors who are hard working volunteers devoted to the mission of AAF Hawaii. I am honored to have served alongside you. It’s my pleasure to announce that the AAF Hawaii board is being left in very capable hands as Jerry Blue, Partner/President of Element 8, takes over as President. Jerry has been an active member of our board for many years and has already proven himself as an excellent leader. Ryan Kawamoto (Director, Kinetic Productions), will serve as Vice-President, Kristina Rau (Senior Account Manager, Wall-to-Wall Studios) will continue her role as Secretary and new board member Keith DeMello (Director of Communications & Community, Ulupono Initiative), has graciously taken on the role of Treasurer.

    In addition to Keith, I am delighted to welcome the other new Directors to the AAF Hawaii Board: 

    Helen Chang, Marketing & Advertising Executive, NMG Network
    Lyssa Fujie, Account Director, iQ360
    Alysha Komenaka, Owner, Two Line Marketing
    Jess Kusunoki, Account Executive, ER Marketing
    Kainoa Reponte, Jr. Art Director, Wall-to-Wall Studios
    Lindsay Schedler, Senior Account Executive, MVNP 

    And special shout out to Amy Landin (Art Director, Gilbert & Associates), who is continuing her term on the Board and has the distinction of being our first Maui-based Director on the AAF Hawaii board.

    Finally, many thanks to our outgoing Directors Lindsey Chun-Hori, Debi Halcro, Morgan Kaya, Tai Matsuoka, and Brian Watanabe for your endless contributions to our organization and our community.

    Thank you again, everyone, for the opportunity to serve AAF Hawaii.

    Much aloha,


    2019-20 AAF Hawaii President

    jen t