Member Spotlight

    AAF members are not only the backbone of our organization; they are the foundation of our professional community. Whether they specialize in traditional advertising, media, publishing, website development, graphic design, commercial production, photography or account management, they all share a love of creative problem solving. And now, everyone can get to know our amazing members on our brand new Member Spotlight page. Each month, we'll introduce a different member so everyone can get to know them for the savvy professionals they are. If you'd like to be featured on our Member Spotlight page, drop us a line

    This month, we're thrilled to feature Brad Shin, award-winning copywriter, creative director and founder of Wasiswas

    Brad Shin



    Where you work (and how long you've worked there): I started Wasiswas two and a half years ago. I spent 20-something years in traditional ad agencies so I thought I’d see what the freelance world was all about. I like the variety of working with different teams, different projects and different brands each day.

    Your title: Copywriter though my preferred title would be “Beach Bum”

    What do you do? I do concepting and copywriting for ad agencies, design firms and direct clients.

    How did you get into the industry? I didn’t think about going into advertising until my last semester in college. When I graduated, I wrote letters to several local agencies asking for an internship. Marty Schiller at Ogilvy & Mather, Hawaii, gave me a chance. After interning they hired me as a Traffic Coordinator. From there, I worked my way to Junior Copywriter. I was surrounded by talented people like Mike Wagner, April Rutherford, Grant Miyasaki, Ron Nakayama and Wendi Chun, so I was very fortunate. They set the creative bar high.

    There's been so much change over the years. What have you loved or hated about this change? What I love is that you constantly have to keep pushing, learning and growing to keep up with the changes. What I hate is that you constantly have to keep pushing, learning and growing to keep up with the changes. Haha.

    What clients do you work with? As a freelancer, I’ve learned to be discreet. But I appreciate that clients and agencies trust me with some amazing brands.

    What advice do you have for people getting into the industry? I’d say try and land an internship. If you can prove yourself, you have a good chance of being hired. Once you’re in, join Ad2. You’ll build your network faster and have opportunities to learn. As a young creative, I worked on several of Ad2’s public service campaigns. I got to do my first TV spot and radio spot because of it.

    What's the best thing AAF Hawaii offers its members? In Hawaii, the social connections are important. Being an AAF member helps me stay in touch with the ad community. Plus members pay lower fees for Pele Award entries, events and workshops, so the membership really pays for itself.

    Or, why should someone join AAF Hawaii? If you look at the AAF Hawaii membership list, it’s a who’s who of the industry. Pretty much all the players are represented there. But you can’t see the list until you join and get a password. So you will have to join before curiosity kills you.

    What are your hobbies? I love the water. If I can go bodysurfing 3 or 4 times a week, I’m happy. It’s a simple sport. A pair of fins and a wave and you’re there.

    Favorite thing to eat? Jack-in-the-Box Monster Tacos. They’re disgustingly delicious.

    Favorite drink? Coffee is a writer’s friend. No sugar, no cream, just dark, black, plain coffee. Coffee, a computer and a quiet space is all a writer needs.

    What's your personal tagline? This isn’t a tagline but more of a purpose. When I created Wasiswas, one of the things I wanted to do was donate more time to nonprofit causes. The ad industry has been good to me so that’s my way of giving back to the community.

    Anything else you'd like to share with us! I’d like to take back my Monster Tacos answer. People will judge me.

    Thanks Brad!