Our Hawaii chapter of the American Advertising Federation is very fortunate to have such an amazing team of local leaders in the business, especially in these turbulent times. Our industry is in a period of unprecedented disruption, and strong, innovative leadership will be key to succeeding in this rapidly changing environment. AAF Hawaii’s focus will remain on recognizing and fostering new and diverse advertising talent by bringing together current and future leaders, including corporate marketers, marketing agencies, media and production companies, and freelance professionals, as we work collaboratively to adapt and recover from the present crisis.

    Recently, our new board celebrated our installation. The very next morning, we regrouped for our biannual retreat, where among other agenda items, came up with our mission statement for 20-21. We are committing ourselves:

    To reimagine how we engage our members and foster community throughout our industry, by leading with innovative and resilient models to convene, collaborate, and continuously learn; by serving as a unifying voice, even when physically distanced; and by seizing opportunities to recognize and inspire new and seasoned professionals alike — not in spite of these challenging times, but because of them.

    This coming year we will do our best to continue to provide relevant programming  and value to our members. As such, we’d like to invite you to please take our brief MEMBER'S survey so we can learn more about what you want out of AAF Hawaii.

    We will continue to support our local college students with our Shining Star Scholarship. And we also encourage our professional members to apply for our new Professional Scholarship, which may be applied to online classes, webinars and even software. 

    Finally, to help our members, we are still offering special discounted rates for individual and corporate memberships, for a limited time. On behalf of our entire board of directors, thank you for your membership and camaraderie. Together, we can uplift our local industry and community.

    Jerry Blue
    President, AAF Hawaii